Corporate Profile

RXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NASDAQ: RXII) is a clinical-stage company developing innovative therapeutics that address high unmet medical needs. We believe that we are well positioned to compete successfully using our RNAi technology platform for the development of novel therapeutics to improve patients’ lives. The Company is supported by a proven and experienced management team, an accomplished Scientific Advisory Board and an extensive intellectual property portfolio.


RXi’s proprietary self-delivering RNAi technology platform harnesses the natural occurring process of RNA interference (RNAi), a powerful molecular tool that has the ability to "silence" or down-regulate the expression of a specific gene that may be overexpressed in a disease condition. Scientists at RXi have designed chemically-modified RNAi compounds with improved drug-like properties that are potent, stable and specific. These proprietary compounds have built-in delivery properties and therefore do not require a delivery vehicle for local therapeutic applications. The enhanced properties of sd-rxRNA include: efficient spontaneous cellular uptake, stability, reduced potential for non-specific immune stimulation, and potent, long-lasting intracellular activity. All cell types tested (primary, neuronal and non-adherent) internalize sd-rxRNA compounds efficiently, resulting in potent and long lasting silencing. sd rxRNA compounds have the ability to selectively block the expression of any target in the genome, thus providing applicability to a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas.